Brookforge have pooled together with Quad-Lock, the leading Canadian manufacturer of Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) panels, to develop an highly cost-effective and energy efficient pool shell system – Quad-Lock Pool.

  • Quad-Lock Pool helps reduce your CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) footprint, making a significant impact on your swimming pool’s running costs.
  • Quad-Lock Pool is not a basic insulation layer applied to a swimming pool once the pool shell has been traditionally constructed.
  • Quad-Lock Pool forms an integral part of the swimming pool’s construction – it most definitely is not a costly addition!
  • Quad-Lock is a proven tested product, which has been used extensively for above and below ground applications since 1994.
  • Quad-Lock is an ISO-certified Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) company which develops, manufactures and distributes its own-patented ICF systems.