Why should you insulate your swimming pool?

A swimming pool can be a costly investment to build, run and maintain. By there nature, an indoor or outdoor swimming pool is not the greenest energy efficient of things which a household can own.

A large volume of water which requires heating, cleaning and constantly circulating can consume allot of energy, sometimes more than the rest of the house.

Large amounts of energy are lost from a swimming pool water due to heat losses through the pool surface, floor and walls.

By constructing an insulated swimming pool, large amounts of energy are saved by greatly reducing the heating costs of your pool.

It is estimated that your pool heating bill can be reduced by more than 50% by insulating against heat losses.

About Insulated Pool

A brief insight into the background of the Brookforge Insulated Swimming Pool system

What is a quadlock insulated pool

The techniques and equipment used to create an energy efficient swimming pool

Types of pool

A look at the different types of swimming pool which can be constructed with the quadlock insulated pool system.

How can it be so quick to build with?

All the reasons why a quadlock insulated pool construction can be complete in record times

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